Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand

Welcome to the FFANZ web site. For those of you who don’t know it, the Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand was established in 1982 to encourage closer ties between fans in Australia and New Zealand.

The two countries play host to trans-tasman guests on alternate years. FFANZ exists solely thorough the support of fandom and the candidates are voted for by interested fans throughout the world. Money raised from votes, donations and sales are what enable the fund to exist. FFANZ relies on the continued interest and generosity of fans to ensure its future.

This page is for news, resources and history site for the fund.  Think of it as part of the ongoing effort by fans to support the fund.  The site contains some historical information about the fund and some examples of the trip reports that fund delegates produce.

It is worth pointing out, that there is also a FFANZ page on facebook.

Some question and answers about FFANZ lifted from the 2003 Race nomination form.

What on earth is a fan fund?
A fan fund is basically a means of promoting closer ties between fans of different countries by sponsoring trips to conventions in other countries. Money is raised by donations, voting fees, through auctions and sales of all sorts of stuff.

What do I get if I win?
Enough money to pay for a return flight to the Con venue, plus accommodation at the convention and maybe enough for a bit more travel before or after the convention. Usually the convention will donate a free membership too.

Can I nominate with someone else?
Yes, there have been winning teams of two and even three before. This may well mean that you have to pay a lot more of the costs yourselves as the money will only stretch so far. Nominating your entire convention committee is probably a bad move.

Can I nominate a stuffed toy?
Well, yes, but I would suggest that the stuffed toy should run in conjunction with someone capable of taking on the administrator functions. Otherwise the stuffed toy will be placed in a padded bag and mailed to the convention. For a precedent, look to Renaldo the Party Sheep who was accompanied by Frances Papworth & Phil Wlodarczyk to Construction in 1998.

What happens at the con?
Usually the fan fund winner(s) is treated like a convention guest and will be invited to take part in various panels and activities. Apart from meeting the other guests, it raises your profile and means that people you don’t know will actually come up and talk to you (assuming you have remembered to shower and change your clothes). This is the whole point, to promote ties between Australian and NZ fans.

What happens after?
You become the administrator and try and raise enough money so that you can run another race in two years time. It’s easier than it sounds, as a lot of people are willing to buy stuff related to the fan funds. You also write a trip report, so that people know what the con was like and what fellow fans across the Tasman are like. The trip report is usually sold (another fund-raiser) and at one stage there was money being donated by a US con for any trip report that was published.

Can I Help?
Of course you can. The easy way – send money – donations are always welcome. If you want something for your money, participate in a fund raising event. This includes the election, buying a trip report or buying something at a FFANZ auction. But not just paying money. If you have items to donate to an auction, that would be cool too. You may want to host a visiting delegate or just show them around your town. Maybe lend a hand getting an auction going or helping out with an election. I’m sure you get the idea.